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F.A.Q Detail

I saw other players heroes are equipped with wings. How can I get the wings?

Wing can be accessed when your hero reaches Lv 35. To activate it, you'll need several items and Silver Coin (SC). You can get Divinity Wing when it's activated. You can get other kinds of wings from Vault Hunt Quest, purchase from Auction or by opening Orb if you're lucky!

Wing bisa diakses saat hero kalian mencapai Lv 35, untuk mengaktifkannya kalian memerlukan beberapa item dan Silver Coin (SC). Setelah aktif kalian akan mendapatkan Divinity Wing. Untuk wing lainnya bisa didapatkan melalui Vault Hunt Quest, membelinya di Auction, ataupun saat membuka Orb jika beruntung!